Whitney Peyton


Whitney Peyton is a multi-Billboard-charting, Grammy Award Winning contributing rapper, songwriter, and performer hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia. Possessing a firecracker personality and an unorthodox style, she began her journey close to home, creating a cult following by performing locally and distributing demos to anyone who would listen. One of Whitney's notable early achievements was her participation in the "Unlitter Us" commercial and campaign that aired on MTV, where she performed a spoken word piece promoting recycling and cleaning the streets of Philadelphia. Her growing notoriety also led her to collaborate on a rally song for the 76ers with Cassidy.


Whitney's unorthodox skill and charisma swiftly propelled her beyond the local scene. She embarked on numerous national tours with renowned artists like Jelly Roll, Three 6 Mafia, Rittz, Dizzy Wright, Kottonmouth Kings, RA The Rugged Man, Lil Debbie, and many more. In addition, she has headlined several of her own highly successful shows.


What sets Whitney apart is her extreme versatility and her ability to deliver high-energy performances that captivate audiences. In recent years, she has graced the main stage at major music festivals, including Pot of Gold alongside Post Malone, GOTJ opening for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Northern Invasion with Tool, Warped Tour, Musikfest, Blue Ridge Rock Festival, SxSW, SouthbySoWhat, and numerous Pride festivals. 


Throughout her career, Whitney Peyton has continued growing her fan base and landed coverage in HipHop DX, Vice, Alternative Press, Rolling Stone, Worldstar, DoubleXL, and countless other magazines and publications. Her past record deals, with Tragic Hero Records and Suburban Noize, saw her early projects  "Firecracker," "Iridescent," and "Alpha” reach millions of streams as well as high charting positions on Billboard. Beyond her solo projects, she has recorded theme music for college and pro cheer teams, wrestlers, and audio books. Notably, she played a pivotal role as a songwriter and vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning children's album "All About Bullies" at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. Peyton remains an active voting member in the LA chapter of the Recording Academy.


Amidst the pandemic and the industry shutdown, Whitney realized that she could leverage her gained experience and knowledge, to create her own label, as a platform for her music. Returning to the grassroots grind where it all began  'Alpha Howse' was launched as a juxtaposition to often being considered an underdog. Her entrepreneurial spirit found success once again with her most recent independently released albums, 'The Audacity' and 'Side Effects,' which achieved Billboard charting numbers. 


“I've always been a hands-on artist,” Whitney expresses. “Launching my own company made sense to not only me, but to all the underdogs who have followed my career and have come to expect a reflection of my personality and message in all of my music, merch, videos, etc. It's not about being a trend, it's about dropping relatable content that’s entertaining.  My listeners have been through the same things I have, and we've helped each other in so many ways. This isn't branding, it's an unbreakable bond.”